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Monday, March 19, 2007

Tucked Inn

They say that after 10 years of living here, you can finally call yourself a New Yorker. I guess it means that you you are tough enough to make it on the mean streets of Manhattan. Ironically, when I hit that marker, all I felt was proud to be Canadian.

Over the years, I've assembled quite the crew of Canucks in NYC - all of whom have endured the same ribbing from our American friends about ice hockey, South Park ("Blame Canada"), Celine Dion and the cottage (no, it is nothing like the Hamptons).

So, imagine my excitement when my good friend Lyman Carter (with Jeffrey Jah of Lotus and Double Seven, culinary partner chef Daniel Boulud and David Lopez), finally opened his ode to Canada called The Inn LW12, a gastro-pub inspired by summers in North Hatley at his family's lake house mixed with a little bit of Brit.

Located at 7 Ninth Avenue in a rustic townhouse from 1860, The Inn LW12 is a cool spot in the otherwise frenzied Meatpacking. Hang out in the Tap Room with a pint of draught beer (ours really is better) and an order of poutine, a Quebecoise specialty of fries, cheese curds and gravy. Or, reserve a table upstairs in the cozy Canoe Club for a dinner of Guinness braised beef with parsnip mash or smoked trout with leek veloute.

But, if you are a true'll pass by The Inn LW12 after midnight for a little tuck before bed. The Tuck Menu, named after the British/Canadian slang term for "snack" (that any camp-goer will nostalgically remember), is the best late night nosh around.

Try the Eggs Cocotte with spinach and mushrooms, grilled lamb burger or the sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream (my favorite). Tuck is served 5 nights a week from Tuesday to Saturday from midnight to 3AM in both the Tap Room and Canoe Club.

Can't get a reservation? Try asking for Phil - The Inn Keeper. He has a wicked sense of humor and if you can impress him with some random Canadian factoid, he might just let you in.

All you Yankees better start studying up on your Strange Brew.

The Inn LW12 7 Ninth Avenue 212-206-0300

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Anonymous said...

I went to The Inn last week. The room upstairs called the Canoe Club is a really cozy and cute space. could be great for a dinner party.