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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Call Me

In my industry, every social occasion is an opportunity to sign new business. You have as much of a chance to make an impression on a potential client at a cocktail party as in a boardroom. As a result, "working the room" can sometimes feel like a military mission of reconnaissance. And, the intel? A stack of business cards exchanged and collected over the course of a night of networking.

But, what about those nights when you connected with someone special? Somehow, giving that cute boy your corporate card doesn't seem to convey the right message. And, do you really want to begin a flirtation on a work email? If only you had something that fit with your personal style and attitude.....

What about a calling card? (and I don't mean AT & T)

I discovered a design studio on Wall Street called Mr. Boddington's Studio that takes its inspiration from old world values. They offer custom made calling cards - those indispensible tools of etiquette that first appeared in 15th century China and later in aristocratic 17th century Europe.

Calling cards, or visiting cards, were an essential accessory to upper-middle class ladies and gentlemen back in the day. They served as announcements of VIP arrivals to prospective hosts as well as tangible evidence of social and business meetings. And, the cards spoke volumes about the person who used them. From engraved ornaments to fantastic coats of arms, calling cards left a lasting and distinct impression of one's identity.

Mr. Boddington's Studio will take a personal commission and create letterpressed or flat printed cards using Somerset or Hahnmuhle paper (pricing estimated at $200 for 400 flat or $400 for 400 letterpressed).

With such beautiful and original cards, maybe that special someone from last night will actually call (in 2-3 business days, of course).

photography below by Richard Jopson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is genius!!! We should all have calling cards, not just business cards!! My only question is what I would put on my card to show a snippet of my personality....don't think that it will be my ring size!! :)