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Monday, March 26, 2007

Notable Notecards

There is a Japanese proverb that says, One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold.

A handwritten card may seem to be an antiquated way to correspond in these digital times but, there is still something special about sending and receiving a note on beautiful paper.

Stationery conveys more than just the written speaks to the spirit of the sender. I have at least 10 boxes of stationery rotating at all times to reflect my ever-changing moods.

These days I am crazy about Winged Wheel, a fine paper and custom printing company from Japan (of course!) that has been creating incredible products since 1918. My new favorite card (which accurately reflects my recent multi-tasking spirit) is embossed with a 3-dimensional impression of a deep red octopus with twisted tentacles decorated with tiny delicate white dots. The cards are printed on cotton paper, considered to be the world's highest quality, and have hand painted borders.

Other notecard designs include traditional Japanese motifs such as a ladybug, peach, swallow and butterfly. A set of 6 cream cards with matching envelopes lined in a coordinating color is $18 and available at Kate's Paperie.

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