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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Lazy Hostess

It's no wonder that Martha Stewart gets hate mail.

How many New Yorkers do you know that own a blow torch just for crème brûlée? Or, prefer to stay at home on a Saturday night to hand-glue Swarovski crystals to homemade Christmas ornaments?

I mean....seriously? Who has the time?

Don't get me wrong....we all love Martha. In fact, the whole D-I-Y posse including Katie Brown and Rachel Ray should be applauded. It's really not as easy as they make it look!

But, don't fret! You can still be a sophisticated hostess without having any fancy kitchen tools or hours to spend on intricate arts and crafts. We all live jammed-packed lives but it doesn't mean that our entertaining has to suffer.

The Lazy Hostess will be a monthly post with easy tips and resources for those who want the gourmet experience for their guests but rather not chop their own crudité. I'll include event planning short-cuts, access to my favorite local shops and the best of the Web that can deliver right to your door. Easy breezy...

Because its much more fun to be the Belle of the Ball than Betty Crocker......

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