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Friday, March 30, 2007

Phanfare Your Photos

Call me a sentimental fool but I love photo albums.

From my best friend's wedding to our safari trip to Africa, I would spend hours arranging prints, gluing corners by hand and writing captions in pencil. Choosing an album to house all the images was just as much of a production. Would it be the Smythson leather or linen-covered from Kate's?

Now that everything has gone digital, it was easier than ever to capture memorable moments of birthday parties, baby showers and weekend trips to the Hamptons. But, I always cringed when I went to share them with others. The photo sharing sites were either covered with banner advertising or endlessly spammed all my friends after they signed up. And, did they really think I wanted to silkscreen my face on a T-shirt or have my dog's photo on a coffee mug?

Thankfully, I found a stylish alternative - Phanfare, an online photo and video site, creates and shares chic looking albums without any trace of advertising for a low fee that ranges from $6.95 per month to $54.95 per year.

Besides having a much cooler interface, some of my favorite features are:

  • Unlimited storage (protects your albums if you computer crashes)
  • Allows images up to 20MB and videos up to 10 minutes long
  • Allows guests to download full sized images from your album
  • Uploads music from iTunes for slide shows
  • Doesn't hijack your albums if you don't buy prints
  • Has advanced password systems so you can share only the albums you want (Girl's Weekend in Vegas doesn't need to be sent to your boss or your boyfriend!)
Now you can give your most precious memories the home they deserve.

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