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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Lazy Hostess: Audiostiles

Scrolling through someone's iPod library is a little like rifling through their are bound to find something unexpected.

As a professional event planner, you would assume that I have an extensive collection of music neatly organized into lists for every occasion but it is quite the opposite.

While I have worked with the best DJ's in the business for all my clients, my personal music library is a bit of a mess and obviously neglected. What few mixes I have are limited to chilling out at home or kickboxing at the gym.

Ironically, I have DJ's Coleman Feltes and Ursula 1000 on speed dial but still no music for my Saturday night dinner party. So, like any New Yorker, I decide to order in...

Audiostiles is an amazing music styling company that creates playlists and compilations for any type of event. The founders are music aficionados who have worked in A&R at music labels and their team of programmers are made up of industry insiders who have worked as DJ's and in radio.

Not only can they create the perfect party mix, they can give your iPod a total make-over by keeping your collection current and introducing you to new artists. The whole process is simple and easy.

1) First you fill out a questionnaire about your music needs (occasion), personal taste and how much music is needed.

2) You give them your shipping address and iTunes account info.

3) They send you a container for your iPod which you send back to them.

4) They download all the music into programmed playlists and send your freshly loaded iPod back to you in 3-5 days (not including shipping time).

Customized music is $50 per hour ($15 for actual music costs billed to your iTunes account and $35 for their styling fees)

Preprogrammed mixes are $35 per hour ($15 in music costs and $20 in fees). One of my favorites is "Guess Who is Coming To Dinner" - that features music from Zero 7, Everything But the Girl and Bebel Gilberto.

Now I have a music library with lists for every entertaining occasion from cocktail parties to 80's night to Sunday brunch with the parents. Everything is perfectly arranged....just please stay away from my dresser.

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Anonymous said...

I'm all about ordering I can order in my tunes. What a great idea!! What a great way to learn about new artists as well.