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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sealed with Style

Monogrammed stationery is a nice touch but how many people can say that they have a signature seal?

For marking note cards, envelopes, books and invitations, personalized seals make original gifts for those who enjoy sending correspondence. I found an amazing seal on the russel+hazel website.

Mostly known for their paper products such as colorful, patterned binders and archival storage boxes, russel+hazel is a design company out of Minneapolis that features beautifully functional accessories for the home and office.

To create your signature seal, you select one of the four unique designs (shown, right), download the PDF, add your information and fax it back to them. Your stamp or embosser will be sent to you in 8-10 days from receipt of order.

The stamp is $46 and comes with black ink. The embosser is $66 and has two orientations to chose from - top or bottom. I can't think of a more stylish way to leave your mark....

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