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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Little Me & IAC

Last night Notes On A Party produced its first event and it was B-I-G.

Seriously, we are not just tooting our own horn here. Given the venue - the new Frank Gehry designed IAC Headquarters on the West Side Highway and the high profile guests in attendance - impressive might be a better word.

The event was for the Founders Club, a group of the top Internet CEOs and entrepreneurs in Silicon Alley who have created an ongoing event series to facilitate deals between start-ups, media companies and venture capitalists.

Dina Kaplan, the COO of by day and driving force behind Founders Club by night, let us collaborate on the planning of this event, the third in the series. Naturally, we had to invite our favorite vendors and partners to join us.

Me and Dina Kaplan (

Lucid Food, an eco-conscious catering and events company run by Justin Jones and Luisa Shafia, handled the menu of savory and sweet organic treats including smoked trout canapes, wild mushroom tortas and fresh raspberry cheesecake. Elizabeth Ryan designed the modern and architectural arrangements of Japanese fan leaves and small bud vases of white roses.

Chopin Vodka, a Moet Hennessy brand, featured the Classic CEO Martini made with 2oz of chilled potato vodka shaken and served with three (decadent) stuffed olives.

Chopin Vodka Martini Bar

Corcoran Group's Deanna Kory team previewed their new luxury properties and raffled an iPhone while Silverjet let guests try their luck at winning 2 coveted seats on their new all business class flight to London. The Manhattan based VC Greenhill SAVP rounded out the sponsors.

For me, there were some old clients, friends and familiar faces in the crowd including: Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman of Nerve Media (who publish the amazing online parenting magazine Babble); Graham Hill of Treehugger (just recently acquired by Discovery); Lorien Gabel of Ping Interactive (a soon to be rival to Evite); Margo Spiritus of CSTV Networks; Joseph Varet of LX.TV; Charles Sommer of DoubleAgent; Doug Scott of Ogilvy; Jon Patricof of Tribeca Enterprises; and, Lisa Blau of the health and wellness newsletter Vital Juice.

Jon Keidan, Josh Abramson (CollegeHumor) and Charles Sommer (DoubleAgent)

What was especially thrilling for a young entrepreneur was rubbing shoulders with some of Silicon Alley's most notable names - Alan Patricof (Greycroft), Esther Dyson (EDventure), Kevin Ryan (formerly of Doubleclick) and Henry Blodget.

For a first event, hosting at IAC was quite the premiere for our little start-up. Although I have to say that we felt quite at home in the hallowed halls of their $100 million glass house.

Let's just hope Barry Diller feels the same way about us.

For Henry Blodget's take on the event, check out his post on Silicon Alley Insider.

For a complete slide show, visit Caroline McCarthy's blog, The Social on CNET.


Dina said...

Celia, this party was kind of sort of amazing, and all thanks to you. Notes on a Party is literally one-stop shopping for amazing class, incredible vendors, low stress, fun...and environmentally friendly productions from start to finish. Cheers to you for making party-planning fun and for doing some good in the world.

ready.2.spark said...

It sounds like it was a fantastic event. Congratulations!

Rafe Totengco said...

why was I not on the invite list? :-)