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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Writing On the Wall

Event designers always cringe at the thought of corporate signage clashing with their artistic vision.

If only all messaging was as beautiful as Blik, the award winning product line of surface graphics. With Prose, the company's newest offering, the writing is on the wall....literally.

You can submit your favorite poem, quote or phrase to be made into stickers in various sizes, colors and fonts. Blik will send you the self-adhesive decals to affix to any smooth, flat surface such as a wall, window, mirror, ceiling, tabletop or floor. Price is based on size and quantity of letters.

A great idea for party decor, these stickers are easy to apply as well as remove. You might chose to decorate a birthday party with energetic dancers by Keith Haring or a going-away party with delicate birds in flight. The geometric shapes by Charles and Ray Eames are some of my favorites.


Margo said...

What a great idea - - not to mention a great solution. I just added them to my contacts. Can't wait to try this out for my next big corporate event. Thanks for the lead.

Rafe Totengco said...

I used Blik for my front entrance and they look amazing!